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Bringing Tutoring Help to University of Kansas Business Students

Some of Our Tutors

Jason Kight

I have been a tutor either part time or full time for many years! I started out with high school algebra and grew to helping students of all ages in a vast number of subjects. I developed my own methods for learning through identifying how an individual learns and tapping into their strengths where they feel they can't utilize them.

Carol Longstein

I am experienced with students in pre-k, elementary, and middle school. I am experienced with basic subjects- math, reading, science, writing, and social studies. Aware of homework and test strategies.

What We Do

Students we Cater to

Business - 60%

Pre Med - 20%

Engineering - 10%

Other - 10%

HTML5 90%
CSS3 90%
PHP 70%
SQL 80%

We Help Everybody

While most of our tutors are for business students, if you need help we have it! With Tutors covering up to 20+ Majors,we have the right one for you. Since most of us are still students, we are well aware of the needs. Being a student, we can also easily help with homework, reading, writing, etc. recently taken. We strive to keep students busy, so I am positive I can keep stuents working hard throughout the session to maximize their time.

  New Tutors

Our newest Tutors are responsible for helping students to understand different subjects. They assess, assist and encourage the students in the learning processes. These professionals also review materials used in classes, explain various topics, and answers all the doubts and questions of the student regarding to that topic.

  Virtual Tutoring

Students to raise grades and test scores and build stronger, more confident learners. We provide individual instruction to students from all over the world through our online classroom.

  Join the Team

The Tutor will provide academic support in the form of one-on-one or small group tutoring. The Tutor will help the student comprehend subject material in order to successfully complete the course. This position will perform other related school activities in support of student engagement and retention.